What to expect in Secondary 1

General information

English Class

Throughout the year students will have the opprotunity to develop reading, writing and oral communication skills through engagiging activities and projects. Students will read a variety of texts, develop strategies for becoming a better reader and explore their passion for reading. A selection of books is available in our class library and all students are encouraged to visit the BHS library to check out the books and online resources. ​​ ​

The aim of an entrepreneurial project is to create a product, service or event that meets a need or demand in the community, finding a solution to a problem or improving a situation for a target audience. Students learn about the four P's of marketing and how to pitch their idea. Students have the opportunity to develop their public speaking skills and learn how to create an effective visual presentation. Descriptive and procedural writing is further developed with the completion of contest application forms. Throughout the project students have the opportunity to develop self-confidence, perseverance, initiative, creativity, a sense of responsibility, autonomy and team spirit. 

Students will be starting to work on their projects in term one in both their English and French classes. Bilingual pitch presentations take place in participating classes and winners are selected from each class to move onto the BHS version of the 'Dragon's Den'. All projects are entered into the Quebec Osentprendre student entrepreneurship contest. 

The students look forward to this part of year with enthusiasm as they learn how to write and develop scripts and how to pitch a script.
They learn about the many aspects of making a movie and the different roles which are a necessary part of the whole. From lighting, filming, to acting, the students are responsible for the entire process with some guidance of course!

Digital citizendship is not taught in isolation and our goal is to help all students understand the significance of being safe, responsible and respectful citizens.

In September, students will collaborate to create 'Acceptable Use Guidelines'. The document will establish expectations for the acceptable use of technology and also help establish consequences for the misue of technology. 


The Toastmasters Youth Program is an informal course in the art of communication. Students will learn to:

  • Organize and present their ideas for oral presentations
  • Listen carefully to others' ideas
  • Respectfully offer advice that will help others improve their speaking skills
  • Overcome the nervousness associated with public speaking

Best of all, students will have fun while developing their public speaking skills and learning how to create presentations like a professional!